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Third-country nationals shall promptly report to the immigration authority, Police or the consulate officer if staying abroad, if their travel document or residence permit is lost, stolen or destroyed. The competent regional directorate, the Police or the consulate officer shall provide a certificate to the reporting third-country national — upon providing proof of citizenship — to confirm receipt of such notification.

Unless otherwise provided by international agreement, the third-country national whose travel document is lost, stolen or destroyed is required to obtain a replacement travel document.

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Such third-country national will be allowed to leave the country only in possession of the new travel document and a certificate of the notification, or in possession of the expired travel document. The immigration authority shall be immediately notified in the event that a travel document, which was presumed lost and reported as such, is found subsequently.

Third-country nationals holding an EU Blue Card shall notify the immigration authority responsible for the place where the place of accommodation of the third-country national is located concerning the termination of their contracts for employment relationship, of entering into another similar contract subsequently, within five days from the date of commencement and termination of such contracts.

For the notification no special form is required , and it can be made free of charge. The registration form shall contain the particulars of the travel document, and shall be signed by both the person registering and by the keeper of the lodging. Third-country nationals are required to safeguard the confirmation slip, endorsed by the authority received upon notification of the place of accommodation and to carry it on their person at all times for the purpose of inspection by the authorities.

Accommodation Registration Form for Third-country Nationals The procedure may take less time if the completed form signed by landlord. The Office shall check the authenticity of the signature. The competent regional directorate shall issue an interim permanent residence permit or national permanent residence permit to the child of a third-country national with immigrant or permanent resident status born in the territory of Hungary without delay.

If a third-country national with resident or immigrant status has a child born in the territory of Hungary, who is considered a third-country national, the birth of such child shall be registered and:. The application must be accompanied by the documents in proof of the change of data in the residence document. If the notice referred to above is submitted to the consulate officer, the third-country national may submit a request for a replacement residence authorisation to the consulate officer as well.

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Third-country nationals with permanent residence status are required to report — under specific other legislation — the change of their address registered in the procedure for granting permanent residence permit to the district Budapest district office the Budapest and county government agency of jurisdiction by reference to the new address.

Change of address shall not entail the replacement of the permanent resident permit. The new address shall be contained in the personal identification number and official address card issued by the district office, which means that this official document shall be kept together with the resident permit, and shall be surrendered to the duly empowered authorities upon request. A third-country national who has been granted permanent resident status shall be entitled to a permanent personal identification document.

When the first personal identification document is issued after the permanent residence permit has been received, the third-country national must appear in person at document bureau of the competent district office.

If you use this program, you can fill in the form electronically and check if all necessary answers were given by you. In addition, the completed form can be saved and printed on your own computer.

The function is optimized for Word If you do not have this program on your computer, you can download the forms in pdf format from the information sheet of the head menu. Under construction. If you use the online booking system, you can get assistance in your case without standing in line, as a competent desk officer will be designated to handle your case at one of our customer service offices at the reserved time. For better visualisation, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

The purpose of the Application Please choose Entry and residence in Hungary Invitation of foreign citizens to Hungary. Provision available in the event of a residence permit for an indefinite period of stay.

If you answer the questions, you can find out what kind of application for residence permit you should submit within 3 minutes, and you will also find all the information related to the selected application type at the end of the questionnaire.

The development of the website of the Office of Immigration and Nationality was funded by the European Union, co-financed by the European Integration Fund. You can send your questions or comments to the Office via this web-site quickly and easily. Please, fill in the gaps, thus enhancing the accurate and quick response!

As it was specified by law the official decisions, which procedures started after 1 November , are announced on the website of the Office of Immigration and Nationality. If you want to book an appointment, you should register on the online reservation system, but other functions of the website are available without registering.

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User Name. Remember Me. Visa adminstration portal.

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  • Humanitarian residence permit. You are here:. The registration is free.

    Obligation of Third-country Nationals to Register

    Accommodation Registration Form Accommodation Registration Form for Third-country Nationals The procedure may take less time if the completed form signed by landlord.

    Please choose! Residence in Hungary Permanent Residence in Hungary. Length of residence Please choose more than 90 days days.

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    What is your nationality? Do you have a Hungarian or EEA national family member? Do you have a permit issued on the basis of Directive N. Please choose Yes No - residence time at least 3 years No - residence time at least 5 years No - Investor. What is the purpose of your entry? Please choose Working holiday Temporary Residence Permit Pursuit of Gainful Activity Pursuit of Studies Ensuring family reunification Visit Research Voluntary activity Others Official purpose Stay for investment purposes Heilbehandlung Preservation and cultivation of Hungarian language Preserving cultural and national identity Acquisition of information concerning the education and study options outside the accredited secondary or post-secondary education system Except for family reunification, for strenghtening family ties.

    Pursuit of Gainful Employment? Definite or indefinite period of time you want to stay in Hungary? Please choose Definite Indefinite Provision available in the event of a residence permit for an indefinite period of stay. Under construction The purpose of the Application: Please choose Entry and residence in Hungary Invitation of foreign citizens to Hungary.

    Citizenship of affected person Please select! Current Location of Residence Please select!

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  • In case the affected person is staying in Hungary, status of residence? Visa Settlement permit Residence permit Other.

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    Subject Please choose! Aliens policing case Asylum case Other. Text of message. Please give your e-mail address, where the answer of the Office can be sent to. Enter the verification code. Branch-office no.